Vision Therapy References


We are often asked about references supporting Vision Therapy. As a result, we have provided a list of references below:


i) A Summary of Research and Clinical studies on Optometric Vision Therapy

Provides an overview of the literature on the use of vision therapy for several visual conditions.


ii) A Summary of Research and Clinical Studies on Vision and Learning

A listing of some of the research reports and clinical studies on the relationship of vision to reading and learning ability and the effectiveness of vision therapy in the treatment of learning-related vision problems.


iii) Research Update on Visually-Based Reading Disability

This research document provides a synopsis of the scientific results on the study of visually-based reading disabilities.


iv) Summary of Research on the Efficacy of Vision Therapy for Specific Visual Dysfunctions


v) Fifty Scientific Studies and Articles Supporting the Use of Vision Therapy


vi) Accommodation (Eye Focusing) Dysfunction Research


vii) Amblyopia Research


viii) Convergence (Eye Teaming) Dysfunction Research


ix) Oculomotor (Tracking) Dysfunction Research


x) Reading, Learning and School Performance


xi) Strabismus Research


xii) Visual Information Processing / Visual Perception


xiii) Vision and Learning References


xiv) Additional References and Scientific Studies


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