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Calgary Vision Therapy (CVT) is the only vision therapy office in Calgary designed just for vision therapy services.  It is designed specifically for vision therapy and perceptual learning with lots of space for all procedures.


Can providing vision therapy out of a single room in an Optometrist's practice work?  Sure, it can.  That's how we started when we began providing vision therapy services in 2003.  But it's also from our experience doing vision therapy in this type of environment that we learned the limitations in having only a small space in an office designed primarily for other purposes.


Dr. Neufeld has taken hundreds of hours of post-graduate education specifically in the areas of vision therapy, binocular coordination dysfunctions, visually related learning difficulties, sports vision, autism and vision, and perceptual learning (to name a few).  Through this additional education, we have learned that having a space designed just for vision therapy is essential in order to be able to offer the best possible therapy to our current and future clients.  In our larger facility, we are able to provide a wider range of procedures to stimulate different aspects of the visual system.


We believe so strongly in what we do that we don't want to do it unless we are doing it the best way possible for our clients.  Vision therapy does require a fairly sizable financial investment no matter who you go to for the service and we strongly believe you deserve to have maximum value for your money.  We want our clients to come away seeing value.


Calgary Vision Therapy has highly trained, friendly, passionate vision therapists who in addition to their ongoing educational training have experience working with clients of various ages.  Providing in depth visual assessments for potential remediation of visual dysfunctions through optometric vision therapy is all we do at this office.  We have thousands of hours of hands on experience doing vision therapy.  It's one thing to have hours of theoretical instruction on visual dysfunctions and it's another thing to have hours of actual experience working with different individuals.  Dr. Neufeld and his vision therapists have both.


As our office is designed just for vision therapy (we do not provide routine annual basic eye examinations) we are able to offer vision therapy services at various times throughout the day 5 days per week, including Saturdays and some evenings.


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Although we do not sell glasses at this office, we will provide recommendations for lens treatment therapy when it is shown to be beneficial for the client that Dr. Neufeld examines.  Dr. Neufeld will discuss when and how often to wear these treatment lenses and makes strong recommendations on the type of lenses to purchase.


Vision therapy services at Calgary Vision Therapy are generally scheduled weekly for one hour.  The first forty minutes are for specific goal directed training of the client's visual system.  The next ten to fifteen minutes is the time that the therapist spends teaching the parent (assuming the client is a child) the home supplemental procedures required to continue to work on the skills we are working on in the vision therapy office.  This is another area that we are different.  We spend MORE time in actual training with the client and we spend MORE time in actual teaching of the home supplemental work with the client/parent.  It is our understanding that some offices schedule only thirty minutes for office vision therapy.  Generally what can occur is that the first ten minutes of that session is going over the last week's homework, the next ten minutes is providing new therapy training and the final ten minutes is going over the homework procedures with the parent.  Only ten minutes of training vs forty minutes of training at our office.  If your child has ADHD or has troubles sitting still or troubles staying focused on a task, that ten minutes will be eaten up pretty quickly.


A benefit we have come to learn about from clients is because we are a busy office that only does vision therapy many families have benefited from meeting other families with similar visual challenges while being in our office.


In addition to having vast educational experience as a Developmental Optometrist, Dr. Brent W. Neufeld, also has over 10 years hands on experience evaluating potential vision therapy candidates and actually doing vision therapy.  He knows from years of hands on experience that vision therapy works when done well.  Our office has many written success stories to support this.  Visit and read our success stories.


Dr. Neufeld keeps current on all the latest research, vision therapy procedures and also the resources available to best help your particular situation.  Because our office only does vision therapy we have a large collection of equipment available to ensure we can offer you the best procedures to help you reach your goals most effectively.


Your program at Calgary Vision Therapy is individually designed for you by Dr. Neufeld and your therapist(s).  We don't take a one size fits all approach to our therapy program.  For certain visual dysfunctions, there may be similar developmental procedures required; however, each client responds differently and, as a result, different paths to create positive change is required to reach individual goals.  Dr. Neufeld and his therapists are in communication during your therapy to ensure your program is targeting the areas needing to be worked on.


Our office is a Western Canadian site for hosting vision therapy continuing education.  Each year, Calgary Vision Therapy has leaders and innovators in optometric vision therapy come to our office and provide teaching sessions (both didactic and practical) to our entire staff and other Optometrists and therapists from all over Canada and the USA who have expressed an interest to learn more about vision therapy.


Some other businesses have recently started using names very similar to Calgary Vision Therapy.  Please be aware, Dr. Brent W. Neufeld and Calgary Vision Therapy are NOT affiliated with these other businesses in any way. 


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