The College of Optometrists in Vision Development asks that parents and teachers look for the following signs FIRST when a child is struggling academically, behaviorally or in sports. If the response to one or more of the following is “yes,” the child may have a correctable vision problem.



Physical Signs


  One eye turning in or out


  Squinting, eye rubbing or excessive blinking


  Blurred or double vision


  Headaches or dizziness after reading


  Head tilting, closing or blocking one eye when reading









  Attention Deficit Disorder


  Slow learner


  Behavioral problem


  Working below potential



Performance Signs


  Avoids “near” work


  Frequent loss of place when reading


  Omits, inserts, or rereads letters/words


  Confuses similar looking words


  Failure to recognize the same word in the next



  Poor reading comprehension


  Letter or word reversals after the first grade


  Difficulty copying from the chalkboard


  Poor handwriting; misaligns numbers


  Book held too close to the eyes



Secondary Symptoms


  Smart in everything but school


  Low self-esteem, poor self image


  Temper flare-ups, aggressiveness


  Short attention span


  Fatigue, frustration, stress





View Calgary Vision Therapy's Symptom Checklist designed to give parents and teachers a measurable chart of different symptoms that in conjunction with one another reliable suggests a visual dysfunction that can be contributing to an individual's learning difficulty.




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