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with the ReadAlyzer



The Readalyzer is a computerized eye movement recording system that measures how effectively the eyes work together while reading. It is a set of high tech goggles placed over your eyes to tell us what your eyes do while reading.  It documents mechanical, visual scan skills, as well as tracking. This infrared recording device is placed inside of a pair of goggles, and helps determine whether or not a patient needs vision therapy. The device tells us about your reading speed and comprehension but it also reveals other more important findings.  It helps us determine if poor eye movement control is contributing to your reading struggles.


Do you skip over certain words when reading?  Do you skip over whole lines in the text?  Do you lose your place?  Do you back track and read the same thing twice or three times?  Do your eyes stop for an excessively long time when looking at a certain word?  Do you need to use your finger or a bookmark to keep your place?  While tested with the Readalyzer, sensors inside the goggles can  capture and record all this information while reading through a paragraph or even a longer story of three to four pages.


The Readalyzer produces a complete reading analysis, and is often a part of Calgary Vision Therapy’s testing process.


Should your child be at a certain decoding level, we may use the ReadAlyzer test as part of one of the evaluations.  The ReadAlyzer uses infrared light to record how your child’s eyes are moving while reading a short story.  The information collected here allows us to record how many fixations the child makes during the paragraph, how many regressions (back reading) the child does, how long they fixate on words, and the reading speed.  Each measurement shows their performance and their performance age equivalency.



Watch the video of an actual ReadAlyzer result simulation.  This test was done on a grade 7 male who has been struggling with reading for years.  The moving shaded box over the words show where his eyes were pointing when he was reading.



His ReadAlyzer Reading Profile reveals that his mechanical movements of the reading process is operating at a grade 0.3 equivalency.  Although he is 20/20, his deficiencies in his vision (visual system) is contributing a significant roadblock in his ability to read.



Want to experience the amount of effort required to read for the person with a oculomotor eye tracking dysfunction?


Try Calgary Vision Therapy's Tracking Dysfunction demo




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