Calgary Vision Therapy's Visual Therapists





Allyson has a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Science.  Before coming to Calgary Vision Therapy, she has worked for several years as a private tutor helping children improve learning abilities and strive for learning excellence.






Cathy has a Bachelor of Education degree. For the past eight years, she has been working as a Junior and Pre-kindergarten teacher. Prior to that, she spent several years working as an Education Assistant for grades 7-9.






Nicole has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.  Prior to coming to Calgary Vision Therapy, she worked with children with multiple disabilities and children on the autism spectrum.






Shauna has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. She is also a mother of two girls. Shauna has been working as a visual therapist for Dr. Neufeld since his first vision therapy opened. She enjoys seeing the improvements taking place in the lives of her clients and looks forward to the new clients she will have the opportunity to work with at Calgary Vision Therapy.




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