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Teachers are often one of the most valuable individuals to help a child discover that they may have a vision problem which is contributing to their difficulty to learn or difficulty learning to read.


Teachers have the advantage that they see many children in the learning environment and many times the teacher will perceive that something is not quite right.


You may make observations such as: the child having extreme difficulty keeping their place when reading, headaches while doing work within arms reach, avoids doing visual tasks, short visual attention span, difficulty copying from the board.  If the student is struggling academically or acting out in appropriately in the classroom, teachers can alert parents that a potential vision problem needs to be ruled out.


How can I spot a child with vision problems? Download the Teacher's Checklist of Vision Problems and have your student take the Vision Symptom Checklist.



What about the student who requires an IPP program and already is diagnosed with a Learning Difficulty?



Vision problems were found in 67% of Canadian children (ages 6 - 12 years old) who were in an IPP program.   There are different components of eye exam testing that can be (but are not routinely) performed.   Click here for more details.




Watch this video (a vision experiment with four teachers) to understand why some of your students may struggle with reading


















Read our Newsletter for Teachers for additional information on Vision Therapy.  If you haven't already done so, visit the section dedicated to the most frequently asked questions Teachers ask us.



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