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Dr. Brent W. Neufeld graduated from the University of Waterloo School of Optometry in 1997. While associating at a large multi-doctor practice in the lower mainland British Columbia and then later in a smaller rural Alberta practice, Dr. Neufeld identified many visual dysfunctions (including kids with learning difficulties) that could be improved or corrected but not by glasses alone.  These clinics he worked at did not invest in nor provide these remediation services. Consequently, Dr. Neufeld chose to invest significant time and resources into additional education into the specialty area of optometric vision therapy.


In 2003, he opened his own optometric practice, Eye Gallery, where he offered optometric vision therapy treatment as part of his full scope primary care optometric practice.


Dr. Neufeld has a passion for remediating visual coordination and visual processing difficulties through optometric vision therapy and perceptual learning. Seeing the changes (success stories) seen in his patient's lives continues to fuel this passion.  He dedicates many hours each year to continue to learn more in how he can best help you or your child achieve his/her potential.


Seeing the increasing need for vision training services, he opened Calgary Vision Therapy in 2010. Calgary Vision Therapy is Alberta's first vision therapy only practice. The facility at Calgary Vision Therapy is just over 2300 square feet and completely dedicated to vision therapy and perceptual learning evaluations and treatment services.  At this office, you will not see any eyeglass frames or contact lenses for sale.  We concentrate solely on therapeutic management on specific visual dysfunctions.  We are here to help you achieve your potential. Calgary Vision Therapy is also becoming a learning center where seminars are hosted on a variety of optometric evaluation and treatment topics.


Dr. Neufeld also provides lectures to schools, teachers, parent groups and other professionals who are interested in topics such as Vision and Learning.  Are you interested in having Dr. Neufeld speak at your next meeting?  Email Dr. Neufeld with your request.


Dr. Neufeld was born and raised in Red Deer, Alberta.  He now resides in Calgary with his wife Marla and two young daughters.  In his free time he enjoys coaching his daughter's hockey team (Go Eagles Go!), playing hockey, piano and guitar, and spending time with his family.





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