When Will Problems Copying From the Board Get Better?



Difficulties in copying from the  smart/white board come in two flavors. The first is problems secondary to clarity problems. A child who is nearsighted sitting in the back of the room without glasses or contact lenses may not be able to see the letters and differentiate them well and therefore may make lots of mistakes or copy the wrong thing entirely. Generally no amount of treatment will address this. Some form of eyewear, glasses or contacts, are needed to address this problem.


The second and more common problem affecting copying from the blackboard is the problem with fixation and tracking already noted. The child may be incapable of remembering where they were as they shift from one place to another. So when they return to the blackboard after writing down the last portion seen, they may be unable to relocate where they were. This ability to leave a mental marker from the last fixation point is taught in therapy and often comes in between the 10th and 12th week of treatment and certainly should be present by the 20th week. So problems related to fixation and tracking respond to treatment rather quickly. In the meantime it might be helpful to give a child with this type of problem a copy of their assignments so that they can have it at their desk and they are not penalized for making copying mistakes.




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