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Calgary Vision Therapy is proud of our graduates.  Many successes have been achieved through hard work and determination to improve inefficient visual skills.  Many lives have been changed.


We are excited about the difference that vision therapy at Calgary Vision Therapy is making in peoples lives.


Original written success stories are proudly displayed in our office.


Unfortunately we were instructed to remove success story testimonials from our website. Even though we have our clients written permission to share these on our website, it appears that at this time the Alberta College of Optometry does not agree with the use of testimonials on practice websites.


If you would like to read more about our clients successes without having to physically come to our office, please send us an email to and we'll be happy to send you links to success stories from our vision therapy office.


Below is an outline of some of the areas that success has been achieved in.


Sports, Balance and Coordination


Improvements in balance / sports / coordination


Improved sports performance



Visual Disabilities


Getting rid of double vision


Less fatigue when reading


Less eye fatigue


Improvement in sight / Decrease in amblyopia


Decrease in strabismus


Words no longer move or jump on the page


Improved eye tracking / able to keep place when reading


Improved binocular coordination


Improved depth perception


Words are no longer blurry




Success in School


Reading comprehension has improved


School is easier


Improvements in visual memory


Improvements in reading


Faster reading speed


Improvement in printing / handwriting


Better ability to copy from the board


Improvements in math


Enjoyment with reading / Reading for pleasure


Improvements in spelling


Getting work done in more timely manner


Better Grades


Clearer speech


Decreased Frustration with schoolwork


Improved letter recognition






Improvements in reading music






Decrease in amount of headaches




Attention and Behavior


Less frustration


Improved attention or behavior


Improved self-esteem / confidence


Better eye contact


Improved socialization / more outgoing


Improved family relationships




Reversals, Laterality and Directionality


Reduced letter reversals


Improvement in laterality / directionality


More solid with lefts and rights




Car or Motion Sickness


Decreased car / motion sickness





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