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Dr. Neufeld has been providing office based vision therapy services in Calgary since 2003.  He takes over a minimum of 50 hours of continuing education in optometric vision therapy each year to enhance his knowledge and his services.  Four years ago, a survey was provided to local Optometrists inquiring about many different perceptions of referring to a local colleague for specialty services.  Many similar comments or responses came out of that survey.  There were concerns of potentially losing clients or having families of clients that are referred transferring their annual routine optometric care to our office.  There were concerns that if an eyeglass prescription was recommended that it would be filled at our primary care office where we had offered vision therapy services for several years, and that the referred patient walks through an optical on the way to sitting in the doctor's chair.  There were concerns about the amount of time that your clients had to wait to receive an evaluation and also any required treatment.


In 2010, Dr. Neufeld opened Calgary Vision Therapy: Calgary's first and only exclusive Vision Therapy office to address many of these concerns/responses.


At Calgary Vision Therapy, Dr. Neufeld does not do any routine eye examinations.  All eye examinations performed at Calgary Vision Therapy are ones that are specifically looking into whether lenses, prisms or office based vision therapy will help the individual who is in Dr. Neufeld's chair.  Therefore, after optometric vision therapy services are concluded, Dr. Neufeld returns the patient back to your annual optometric care.  He will not see previous clients annually nor their families.  He specifically wants his evaluations to be for evaluating individuals who may benefit from his services.


When you step through the doors at Calgary Vision Therapy, you will not see any eyeglass frames.  We do not sell prescription or non-prescription eyewear.  Dr. Neufeld does not fit contact lenses at Calgary Vision Therapy.  Dr. Neufeld will recommend that if a client requires prescription eyewear or contact lenses, that he/she return to the referring optometrists office and you can provide that required service.


We have a minimum of three full time vision therapists on staff at Calgary Vision Therapy.  We offer Thursday evening and Saturday vision therapy sessions.  Consequently, we generally can begin the evaluation process within 2-12 weeks from the time of a referral.  This is significantly less than most referral wait times we find for ophthalmological surgical care.  Since we have a minimum of three full time vision therapists, we can offer many different times for office vision therapy.  The main determining factor for wait time to start office based vision therapy services often will be the patient's flexibility in their schedule.


We have strategically chosen our location.  Our facility is over 2300 square feet... all dedicated for the purposes of vision therapy services.  We felt we needed to be in a location relatively close to a major intersection such as Deerfoot Trail as we do have many clients who come weekly for vision therapy services from Southern Alberta locations such as Lethbridge and area, from Eastern Alberta locations such as Hanna, from Northern Alberta locations such as Red Deer, and Western Alberta locations such as Canmore.  There is FREE parking at our facility.


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